4 Pieces of Advice From One of the Best Lawyers in San Antonio

If you could have one of the best lawyers in San Antonio at your side at all times, you’d have the perfect ally in the event of an accident. Not only to hold your hand, but to tell you what and what not to do after an incident, even before the adrenaline has exited your system.

But since that’s not physically possible, it may not be a bad idea to keep this bullet-point action list in your wallet and in your vehicle for reference in case of an emergency.

#1 Don’t Neglect Your Health

Even if you don’t think the incident resulted in an injury, don’t delay making an appointment to get checked out by your own doctor. Some minor or hidden injuries can escalate into a real, life-threatening problem if left untreated.

#2 Don’t Say Anything Unnecessary

In the adrenaline rush that often occurs after an accident (yes, even fear—or relief—can cause it), it can be extremely difficult to be careful about what you say and to whom you say it. You are under no obligation to exchange anything more than the most basic information with the other party or parties involved. When law enforcement asks you a question, resist the urge to embellish or complicate an otherwise simple answer with asides and additional explanations that don’t do anything but confuse the issue—and maybe point the whose-fault-is-it finger at you.

#3 Don’t Let Down Your Guard with an Insurance Company

While it will be necessary to communicate with insurance company representatives to successfully claim any damages due to you, be very careful about how much information you share. One of the best lawyers in San Antonio can be a valuable asset to have on your side before you answer their questions.

#4 Don’t Sign Anything

Sign nothing—forms, statements, or the back of checks offered to you by an insurance company—without fully understanding exactly what you’re signing. Again, a San Antonio injury attorney can keep you from making a costly mistake.

Chances are the other party or parties already have an attorney working on their behalf. Make sure you aren’t being railroaded by hiring one of the best lawyers in San Antonio! Contact us today.