Facts and Stats from Auto Accident Lawyers in San Antonio

Auto accident lawyers in San Antonio know the statistics, but they don’t have to look at numbers to know the number of victims asking for representation is on the rise.

It might surprise you to learn that the National Safety Council sees a correlation between the economy and the number of traffic deaths. When gas prices fall, the economy perks up, and jobs become more plentiful, more people hit the road, both for work and leisure. Unfortunately, more drivers equal more accidents, and more injuries and deaths.

Other statistics show an alarming increase in distracted-driving traffic accidents. According to a recent survey conducted by AT&T, more than 70% of drivers admit to using their smartphones while driving. Texting, selfie-ing, video chatting, Facebooking, Instagramming—even hands-free talking on the phone—raises your chance of being in an auto accident many times over.

Auto accident lawyers in San Antonio have some advice to lessen your chances of being in a wreck. Or, if you are, to decrease the likelihood you’ll be seriously hurt.

• Stay out of the fast lane. If you’re not passing someone, move to the center or right lane of the highway to allow others to safely pass.

• Turn off your cell phone. Don’t even allow yourself to be tempted when it rings or dings with a notification. It can wait until you reach your destination or until you’ve safely pulled over and stopped away from traffic.

• Avoid target fixation. Keep your eyes moving and scanning ahead. Don’t fixate on the taillights in front of you, or on any one object. Good drivers (and most motorcycle riders) know that what you look at, you aim for.

• Avoid blind spots. If you can’t see the other driver’s eyes in their side mirror, they can’t see you. Move promptly to where you can be seen—and be aware of your own vehicle’s blind spots. Get in the habit of glancing over your shoulder, and don’t rely on your mirrors alone.

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