How a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Can Seek Justice on Your Behalf

The words “minor” and “truck accident” seldom appear in the same sentence. Trucks are big and heavy; most cars don’t hold up well to what a truck would consider a love tap. Trucks are notorious for having major blind spots, but before you let a truck driver shrug it off with a “Sorry, I didn’t see you,” get on the phone with an experienced semi-truck accident lawyer.

How can a semi-truck accident lawyer help you?


Chances are, the driver of the truck you tangled with is backed by a trucking company, and trucking companies won’t hesitate to use their lawyers to twist everything around to make it look like the accident was your fault. With an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side, you can concentrate on healing from your injuries while your attorney:

  • Studies reports and documentation generated by police and other first responders.
  • Tracks down witnesses and gathers their statements.
  • Determines if any nearby security cameras captured any video or photographic evidence.
  • Contacts specialists, such as computer graphics experts, to re-create the accident using available evidence.
  • Represents you in settlement negotiations with the trucking company’s legal team.
  • Collects information about the truck driver’s training, prior driving record, and possible criminal record.


An attorney experienced in commercial truck accidents knows which trucking companies tend to travel more on local, regional, state, or interstate roads, and which laws apply. He or she also knows what kinds of logs truck drivers are required to keep, including driving hours vs. rest hours, routine drug testing, vehicle load, and maintenance records. In addition, if the truck was subject to a recall, the ultimate fault may rest with the manufacturer.

If you need a semi-truck accident lawyer, contact us today. One of our outstanding team members is ready to back you up.