Drowsy Driving: How Driver Fatigue Accidents Damage Lives

Are you a male between 18 and 29? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but statistics show that you are more likely to be involved in one of a growing number of driver fatigue accidents. Drowsy driving, while often difficult to pin down with hard evidence, is thought to be the cause of up to 30 percent of all crashes. All crashes, not just distracted-driving type crashes.

Here are a few more driver fatigue accident facts:

  • Not only are men more likely to drive drowsy, they’re more likely than women to fall completely asleep at the wheel.
  • Parents with children tend to drive tired more often than childless adults.
  • Shift workers are more vulnerable to driving drowsy due to sleep deprivation.

Too often, there’s a cost involved when someone chooses to drive drowsy. And that cost can be high.

Human Costs

  • Injury, disability, and death are often the result of driver fatigue accidents, affecting a wide circle of people, including spouses, children, other relatives, friends, and work colleagues.
  • For the driver at fault, add pain, psychological suffering, and the personal costs associated with possible jail time to the above.

Economic Costs

  • Driver fatigue accident victims and their families often suffer financially due to lost wages, loss of a career, medical bills that drain savings accounts, and the not-insignificant cost of repairing or replacing a vehicle.
  • Employers are also impacted by driver fatigue accidents. For the victim who isn’t at fault, the employer could be faced with having to hire and re-train a replacement worker, who may not have the equivalent skills and experience of the lost employee.
    Worse, the employer of the driver at fault could be held financially liable if the employee was on the clock when the driver fatigue accident

Driver fatigue can be difficult to prove, but if you find yourself involved in what you suspect is a driver fatigue accident, an experienced attorney can help.