How a Truck Accidents Attorney in San Antonio Can Bolster Your Case

If you’re involved in a truck accident, don’t let stress drive you to pick just any name from the local attorney section of the phone book. You need a qualified truck accident attorney in San Antonio to represent you in court. Here are just a few reasons why you need someone who:

  • Sweats the details.
    After a truck accident, it makes sense to take photographs of the scene. But what if you couldn’t because of an injury? Or what if you just didn’t know where to aim your camera? You need an experienced attorney who knows how to read law enforcement’s accident reports and interpret photos, from dents to skid marks. One small detail could make the difference in determining which driver is at fault.
  • Knows your rights and responsibilities.
    Even if the fault comes down partially on your side, a truck accident attorney in San Antonio may still find a way for you to receive some amount of compensation. For example, if it’s decided the responsibility for the accident is split 50/50, that means you can still sue for that portion of the damages.
  • Determines all responsible parties.
    From your perspective, there were only drivers involved in the accident. However, it’s highly possible that other people and entities who weren’t present bear some of the blame. For example, these might include:
    • The employer who scheduled the truck driver for too many hours or failed to properly maintain their vehicles.
    • The government bodies designed the lighting, traffic signals, road signs, and lane markings.
    • The company that manufactured the truck.
  • Knows when to go to court.
    In some cases, taking your case all the way to a court of law may not be the best option. A good truck accident attorney in San Antonio will know when to push and when to settle out of court.

Need someone who can navigate the legal system without a GPS? Call one of our truck accidents attorney in San Antonio today.