Meeting With Your Local Work Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt on the job, hiring a local work injury lawyer is most likely in your best interest. Hiring the right attorney will not only help you take the right steps in getting the treatment and compensation you deserve, but it also ensures you’re not taken advantage of or treated unfairly in the process.

Are you preparing to meet with a local work injury lawyer after an on-the-job incident? Here are 4 tips to help ensure success:

1. Find out if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance. Before meeting with your lawyer, find out if your employer has workers’ comp. This will help your lawyer determine the appropriate steps to take in your case. If they do have workers’ comp, you’ll need to file a claim through your employer’s policy. If they don’t, you can instead file a legal suit against them.

2. Bring your medical reports and doctor’s notes. If you want your employer to cover your medical costs and treatment expenses, bring all itemized receipts, bills and doctors’ notes to your meeting. This will allow your lawyer to tally up the total up your costs and calculate how much compensation you’re due.

3. Keep a calendar of your days/hours missed from work, as well as any treatments, surgeries or other circumstances you’ve experienced due to the injury. Chances are, your accident has taken up a lot of time—time away from work, your family and your life in general. Keep track of all the time and hours spent on accident-related tasks, so your lawyer can include them in the total amount owed to you.

4. Keep notes of how your injury has affected you in your daily life. In addition to tracking the time your accident has taken up, also keep detailed notes of its effect on your life: how it’s changed your relationships, impacted your physical abilities, and what changes you’ve had to make as a result. You’ll likely be due compensation for these things as well.

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