Texas Construction Accident Attorney: 4 Most Common Construction Incidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the country. In fact, according to EHS Todayan average of two construction workers die every day in the United States. And out of every five workplace fatalities, at least one is related to construction.

It’s a sad fact, but working in construction isn’t just hazardous, it’s downright life-threatening. Fortunately, as a longtime Texas construction accident attorney, I’ve seen every type of construction injury in the book. Over the years, I’ve also started to see some trends—accidents, injuries, and errors that happen more often than others.

To help you or your loved one avoid a dangerous construction accident, I’ve gathered these four common injuries here. Take steps to work safely and avoid these unfortunate incidents in your workplace:

  1. Falls - Accounting for a whopping 37% of all construction injuries, these are your biggest workplace threat. Loose railings, floor holes, wall openings, improper scaffolding—they’re all potential hazards that could cause a fall and result in pain, injury, or even death.
  2. Falling objects - Tools dropped from above, unmanned machinery, falling materials, lumber, and more are all hazards that could strike you and cause injury.
  3. Electrocution - As most construction sites are a work in progress, it’s not uncommon to find exposed power lines, missing ground, and other electrical threats. If you unsuspectingly come in contact with these, it could lead to shock or even electrocution.
  4. Getting trapped between objects - About 3% of all construction accidents involve getting trapped between objects, debris, machinery, or other tools.

To avoid these types of all-too-common accidents, always be aware of your surroundings and tread carefully while on a construction site. You never know where hazards might be hiding.

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