How a Truck Accidents Attorney Will Fight for Your Benefits

Truck accidents are scary. They can cause immense damage to your vehicle, severely injure you or your passengers, and all in all, leave you shaken up. If you were the victim of an accident such as this, it’s important not to lay low and wait for the storm to pass. Instead, contact a truck accidents attorney as soon as possible, and let this trained professional fight for your rights get you the justice you deserve and ensure you’re compensated for any suffering.

Typically, a truck accidents attorney will be able to:

  • Work with insurance companies—No one wants to spend hours every day dealing with insurance companies, negotiating or meeting their appraisers. A truck accident attorney can take this task off your hands and complete the entire process on your behalf. Not only is this a relief for you, but it can help you get more money for the wreck in the end.
  • Gather evidence to prove the truck driver’s fault—A lawyer can also work to prove 1) that the other driver is to blame and 2) that you aren’t. To do this, they’ll gather evidence from the scene of the accident; subpoena medical records, employment files and other important details on the driver; and talk to any eyewitnesses.
  • Ensure the trucking company doesn’t destroy crucial records (letter of preservation)—They’ll also file a letter of preservation to ensure the trucking company doesn’t destroy crucial evidence—like the driver’s logbook, employment files or other records. This letter bans them from destroying any evidence that may be used in your case.
  • Determine the total amount you’re due—Finally, they’ll work to determine an accurate amount of compensation, taking into account your car damages, injuries, medical bills, lost wages at work, pain, suffering and more. This ensures you don’t get lowballed.

Even if your wreck was fairly minor, hiring a truck accident attorney is a crucial step toward getting the money you’re owed. If you were recently in a truck wreck, contact an expert attorney at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney. We’re here to help.