Car Accident Lawyer: Photos to Take at the Accident Scene

Photos are some of the best evidence you can have in a legal case. After all, how can a judge or jury deny what they can see in front of their own two eyes? Unfortunately, as a longtime San Antonio car accident lawyer, I know that photographic evidence doesn’t always exist. In fact, much of the time it doesn’t.

The reason? Many car wreck victims just don’t think to take photos before they leave the scene of the accident. Then the accident is cleared, and all chances of getting photographic evidence are gone. The key is to get photos as soon as the accident occurs—while you’re still at the scene. Specifically, you should capture these four areas:

  1. Your injuries - Use your phone to take pictures of any scrapes, bruises, or other injuries you may have sustained in the wreck. These will help you get compensation for your medical bills.
  2. Damage to your vehicle - You’ll also want pictures of any damage to your vehicle. This should include both the interior and the exterior.
  3. Your surroundings - Photos of your surroundings are helpful too, such as traffic, entrances, and exits, any trees or mailboxes that were damaged, etc.
  4. The road and median - Are there skid marks on the road? Was the median scuffed or broken? Take photos of these as well. They can often give insight into the angle and trajectory of the vehicles involved.

Of course, you should only take these photos if you are physically able. If you need to be transported to a hospital, do so. If possible, try to call in a friend or loved one to take photos in your place.

Once you’re able, contactSan Antonio car accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney as soon as possible. We’ll help you get the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.