Finding the Best Truck Accidents Attorney in San Antonio

Truck accident claims aren’t as simple as your average car wreck case. Not only are there multiple parties involved (the driver, the employer, the truck maintenance person, etc.), there are usually a number of highly paid, professional lawyers, too. You see, most truck drivers are employed by a larger organization, and those organizations will stop at nothing to make sure they don’t get the blame—or have to pay out—for an accident that occurs on their watch.

Because these claims are an uphill battle from the beginning, any old lawyer just won’t cut it. If victims want to have a chance at coming out unscathed, they need the best truck accidents attorney San Antonio has to offer.

If you were in a truck wreck, here’s how to find the best truck accidents attorney in San Antonio:

  • Start with experience. Do a little research and find several accident attorneys in your area. Then, check out their experience—particularly as it relates to truck accidents. Do they just do normal car wrecks, or have they handled commercial truck wrecks as well? If so, how long have they been doing it? You want a more experienced truck accident lawyer working for you.
  • Check their results. Most attorneys will have a list of their successful cases, either on their website or available upon request. Peruse this list, and look for any trucking companies or transportation organizations. These are likely truck accident claims that the attorney has tried successfully—and they’re a good sign that you’ve got a good lawyer on your hands!
  • Look for board certification. While there’s not a certification in truck accidents specifically, there is one in personal injury law, and it’s what distinguishes a good lawyer from a truly exceptional one. Always make sure the attorney you choose is board certified. It will give you the best possible results.

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