What to Do in Case of Commercial Truck Accidents

Few car accidents are worse than those that involve commercial trucks. Not only are these vehicles huge and dangerous, but they’re also typically owned by larger corporations. These corporations come with highly paid attorneys, and they’ll often stop at nothing to avoid paying for a wreck—even if it was their driver’s fault.

Want to avoid commercial truck accidents? Need to be prepared in case one does occur?

Here’s how:

  • Take steps to steer clear.  When possible, avoid driving behind, next to, or near a large truck—especially when going around turns, at high speeds, or in busy traffic. These vehicles have a hard time stopping quickly, and they can easily tip, making them a hazard to anyone nearby on the road.
  • Know how to control your vehicle.  If you’re worried about being hit by a commercial truck, make sure your hands are at three and nine on the steering wheel. This will give you the most control and will allow you to weave out of a sticky situation if needed. If possible, navigate to the least dangerous surface, too. You don’t want to be on icy or wet roads when an accident occurs.
  • Take notes, snap pictures and look for eyewitnesses.  If an accident does occur, as soon as you can, begin looking for potential evidence that proves the truck driver’s fault. Take pictures of the wreck and any injuries, write down notes about the experience, and get contact info for any eyewitnesses in the area. These could be the key to winning your case.
  • Contact an attorney ASAP.  A commercial truck driver is going to bring in the big guns, and these lawyers will pull out all the stops to make sure all the blame is put on you. They don’t want their client, the trucking company, to have to pay out a dime, so you need to get ahead of the game as soon as possible. Contact an experienced San Antonio truck accident attorney, and fight fire with fire.

Commercial truck accidents can be very dangerous and expensive. If you find yourself at the wrong end of one, be sure to call the San Antonio truck accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney right away. We’re here to help.