San Antonio Law Firms Cover More Than Just San Antonio

Many clients assume that just because a law firm or attorney is physically located in San Antonio, they only serve customers in that area. While it’s true that a good chunk of San Antonio law firms has clients from the Alamo City, those aren’t the only people these lawyers can serve.

In fact, San Antonio law firms can serve clients from all over the country. Let’s take a look at just a few of the non-San Antonio customers they serve:

  • The Austin-New Braunfels market. San Antonio law firms are particularly convenient for those located in Austin, San Marcos, Boerne, New Braunfels, Round Rock, Georgetown, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Seguin, Pflugerville, and other cities in the surrounding region. For the most part, these locations are only about an hour or two away, making the drive doable should the client need to visit the lawyer’s office at any point.
  • The State of Texas. In general, most of the laws in San Antonio stand true across the state of Texas. Sure, there are a few discrepancies, but on most things—like statutes of limitations, court procedures, etc.—the standards remain the same. This makes San Antonio law firms more than qualified to handle cases from across the state.
  • The Nation. San Antonio law firms can also handle national cases, particularly when they’re part of a class-action lawsuit that has plaintiffs all over the country, or when cases pertain to a Texas or San Antonio issue. For example, say a resident of Oklahoma is suing a San Antonio trucking company for a recent truck wreck. A San Antonio law firm would make an ideal choice for representing the plaintiff, since it is located near the trucking company and can easily meet with the trucking company’s attorney, visit their facility and gather the proper evidence.

If you think San Antonio law firms are only reserved for San Antonio residents, think again. The Law Offices of Pat Maloney and his San Antonio team have served clients all over the great state of Texas and the nation, so next time you’re in need of legal aid, contact us as soon as possible. We’re here to help—no matter where you might call home.