Property Owner Responsibility and Premises Liability

Property owner responsibility and premises liability generally require property owners to keep their land and buildings safe, well-maintained and free of hazards. According to personal injuries lawyer Pat Maloney, property owners can be held liable in a number of situations, as long as a few basic requirements are met, because property owners have an inherent responsibility to protect anyone who enters their premises. This is called premises liability, and, in the event someone is hurt or an accident occurs on the property, the owner can be held legally responsible. Premises liability laws vary by state but, for the most part, generally require the property owner to comply with maintenance and safety standards.

The requirements that must be met in order for property owners to be liable include:

  • The property owner must be aware of (or be reasonably expected to be aware of) the dangerous condition or hazard on their property.
  • They must have failed to rectify the dangerous condition or failed to adequately warn visitors of the present hazard.
  • The failure to warn or make the property safe led to or contributed to the victim’s accident or injury.
  • The person injured was a visitor or invited party. They were not illegally trespassing at the time of the injury.

If these basic requirements are met, a property owner can be held legally responsible for an injury or accident that occurs on their premises.

Common situations in which property owners may face legal issues include:

  • Visitors slip and fall because of wet surfaces, poorly maintained floors, uneven sidewalks, and other factors.
  • The property is poorly maintained. Stairs are broken, guardrails are loose, or cracks in the floor lead to on-site injuries.
  • Parts of the property are defective, including electrical elements and more.
  • Security is inadequate, and visitors are hurt as a result.

Were you hurt on another person’s property? You could be due compensation through a premises liability claim. Call a personal injuries lawyer at the Law Offices of Pat Maloney to get started today!