Why Businesses in South Texas Need an Eagle Ford Shale Lawyer

The Eagle Ford Shale is a massive deposit of oil and gas in South Texas, encompassing thousands of miles. Located in Zavala, Frio, LaSalle, Gonzales, and other San Antonio area counties, drill sites, derricks, and other exploratory machinery are cropping up all over the shale’s resources. In addition, large oil and gas transport vehicles can be seen regularly on local highways and roads. These shale-related machines and vehicles can pose quite a risk for local residents and workers. This is why businesses in South Texas need an Eagle Ford Shale lawyer on their side in case of emergency.

If there is a drill site on your company’s property, it can put all your employees at risk, exposing them to heavy machinery, dangerous equipment, and harmful substances. If an injury occurs because of these, you’ll need an Eagle Ford Shale lawyer to represent you and your employee in litigation.

Even if your property is free of shale equipment, your employees could still be vulnerable to injury because of it. When operating a company car or traveling for a job-related task, an employee could get hit by an oil or gas transport vehicle. These vehicles are typically very large and, when an accident occurs, they can inflict severe, even life-threatening injuries.

Because of its extensive geographic reach, the Eagle Ford Shale affects everyone in South Texas. If you operate a business in this area, it’s crucial to seek the guidance of an Eagle Ford Shale lawyer. In the event you or an employee is injured because of the shale, an attorney can help ensure you and your employees are represented in court.

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