What Pat Maloney’s San Antonio Law Offices Can Offer You

When you’re in need of legal representation in the San Antonio area, the best place to go is the San Antonio Law Offices of Pat Maloney. At the Law Offices of Pat Maloney, you’ll find everything you need to win your case, including vast legal experience, intimate local knowledge, dedicated customer service, and a results-driven attitude that will lead you to success. Below are some of the benefits you’ll get when you call Pat Maloney’s San Antonio law offices.


  • Experience – The Law Offices of Pat Maloney have been helping San Antonio residents with their legal issues for more than 50 years. In that time they’ve handled thousands of cases, from car and truck accident claims to the workplace and personal injury cases.
  • Expertise – Because of the immense number of cases that the Pat Maloney team has handled, as well as their esteemed legal educations and backgrounds, they have an unparalleled degree of expertise in the injury law field. They know what evidence to gather, what arguments to make, and how to win a case.
  • Local knowledge – After half a century in San Antonio, Pat Maloney and his team are well versed in the local legal scene. They know about all the applicable city laws and regulations, they are familiar with key legal individuals like judges, prosecutors and DAs, and they use that knowledge to give you an advantage in your case.
  • Results – Over the years, the Law Offices of Pat Maloney have garnered an impressive list of results for their clients, some of them in the hundred-thousand-dollar range. The Maloney team will work hard to deliver those same results to you.If you are looking for legal representation in San Antonio to help you win a case, contact the San Antonio Law Offices of Pat Maloney today to schedule a free case consultation.