Common Serious Injuries From Car Accidents

Car accidents are dangerous; the force of hitting another vehicle or object can lead to serious injuries, and sometimes death. It can cause drivers and passengers to collide with steering wheels, dashboards, and deployed airbags, and it can break bones, cause head injuries, and inflict numerous other types of trauma. Flying objects within the car can also cause injury, and if the car rolls over during the collision, the situation can become even more hazardous. No matter what type of wreck you’re in, serious injuries from car accidents are common.

Common Serious Injuries from Car Accidents

While it is possible to suffer any number of serious injuries from car accidents, there are a few types that are more common than others depending on the force of impact, the speed, and other factors involved in wrecks. The most common injuries tend to be:

  • Brain injuries – An injury to the brain is one of the most common consequences of a car accident. They can range from a mild concussion that heals on its own over time, to a severe traumatic brain injury that permanently impairs the victim’s cognitive abilities. Brain injuries can also lead to problems with speech, motor skills, vision, emotions, and memory. If the damage is great enough, the victim can also die from such an injury.
  • Facial injuries – When the force of impact causes a driver or passenger to hit their face against the dashboard, steering wheel or airbag, or a flying object in the cabin strikes their face, it can lead to serious, sometimes permanent injury. These injuries can include minor scrapes, cuts, and bruises, or they can be more severe injuries like jaw fractures, lost teeth, or eye trauma that causes blindness or other vision problems.
  • Neck injuries – Whiplash is common in car accidents. The sudden change in speed caused by striking an object can cause the head to fly forward, stretching the neck muscles in the process. Though this sometimes heals on its own, it can cause damage to surrounding vertebrae and ligaments, inflict chronic, long-lasting pain, or cause paralysis.
  • Chest injuries – If the car’s front end is crushed in the wreck, it can lead to serious chest injuries such as a broken sternum and ribs or punctured lungs and diaphragm. The severity of these injuries depends on the impact, the height of the person, and the placement of the airbags in the vehicle.
  • Back and spinal cord injuries – The force of impact and being thrown around the car’s cabin during a wreck can lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening back injuries. These can include broken vertebrae, torn ligaments and muscles, and damage to the spinal cord, leading to temporary or permanent paralysis.
  • Internal organ injuries – Blunt force from a wreck can lead to broken bones that can puncture internal organs or lead to internal bleeding. If not treated quickly, these can have severe repercussions, including death.
  • Knee and leg injuries – Knee and leg injuries are some of the most common serious injuries from car accidents, primarily because these two body parts are in such a vulnerable position nestled beneath the steering column, which can be easily crushed during a collision. This can lead to broken bones, torn muscles, stretched ligaments, and it can also cause limbs to get caught under rubble, requiring amputation.

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