How Auto Accident Injuries Can Decrease Your Quality of Life

Auto accident injuries don’t just lead to pain and suffering, high medical bills, and missed work. All of these things combined can actually result in an even more serious consequence — a decreased quality of life. For individuals who are paralyzed, lose a limb, or suffer serious head trauma, quality of life can be even further diminished, making simple, day-to-day activities a challenge. Auto accident injuries can decrease your quality of life in these five ways:

  1. Self-care – Auto accident injuries can affect your ability to care for yourself. Showering, getting dressed in the morning, and even brushing your teeth can become more difficult when you suffer from a serious injury.
  2. Livelihood – Injuries can also affect your ability to work and earn a living. It may render you physically unable to complete your job, or it can keep you away from the office for extended periods of time for treatment and recovery.
  3. Relationships – The quality of your relationships may also be diminished when you suffer from serious injuries. Decreased mobility, paralysis, loss of vision, and/or hearing can all affect how you interact with others.
  4. Care of your loved ones – Auto accident injuries can also affect your dependents. Your injuries may render you unable to pick up your kids, drive them to school or provide them with basic care.
  5. Your enjoyment of life – Pain, suffering, and the constant challenges of being injured can seriously decrease your ability to enjoy life. Activities you previously enjoyed can become a challenge and a burden.

Have you or suffered from auto accident injuries? If so, then you may be due compensation for your suffering, your medical bills, and your decreased quality of life. Contact the Law Offices of Pat Maloney today to discuss your case.