What Are the Credentials of the Best Work Injury Lawyers?

When you’re hurt on the job, your life and your income depend on choosing the right attorney, one who is intimately acquainted with the work injury sector and who can help you get the compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t just choose any lawyer you come across; you’ll want one of the best work injury lawyers near you. Following is a little bit about what these professionals do, what qualifies them, and how to find the best possible attorney for your situation.


A work injury lawyer helps you get compensated for your injuries, something that often means working with your employer to coordinate workers’ compensation benefits. Through workers’ compensation, you can get your medical bills covered and continue getting a portion of your income while you’re injured and unable to work, but sometimes employers or their insurance companies are difficult when it comes to processing such a claim. A lawyer can help speed up the process and ensure that you get the money you deserve.

In some situations, an employer doesn’t have or isn’t required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, and when this happens it’s time to consider filing an injury claim against the person or parties who caused your injury. Your work injury lawyer can aid in this process by helping you identify the appropriate at-fault parties, filing the applicable paperwork, and supporting you through the whole situation. In the end, the claim could garner you compensation for your medical bills and lost income, future medical costs, pain, suffering, and sometimes punitive damages.


The best indication of a great work injury lawyer is board specialization, and more specifically, board specialization in injury law. Board specialization is only granted to a select few attorneys in the state of Texas who have shown extraordinary skill and craft in their selected field of law. In order to qualify for board specialization, a lawyer has to have practiced law in that sector for a specified period of time, have a number of recommendations from other legal professionals, and pass an extensive examination to demonstrate their knowledge and skill. They also have to report annually to the board and file for recertification on a regular basis. They are the people most well equipped to handle your case and ensure the best possible outcome.

In addition to board certification, you’ll also want to look at some other things, one of which is community involvement. Find a work injury lawyer who’s been actively involved in their local bar association and other legal associations, as this shows a dedication to their craft and a commitment to continued education after licensing. Additionally, you should also look at any awards and recognition a lawyer has received because another sign of a great lawyer is regular recognition in publications and by local bar associations.


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