Auto Accident Attorney San Antonio: When Your Crash Involves a Dui

As an auto accident attorney San Antonio residents have counted on for many decades, I’ve seen my fair share of drunk driving incidents. While in many of these cases I’ve represented the driver himself, I’ve also worked first-hand with victims of these accidents, helping them get the compensation and justice they need to fully recover.

Were you recently hit by a drunk driver? If so, here are the five steps you should take following your accident:

1. Call the police. Remember, drunk driving is a criminal act. The police need to be notified if you think the other driver is intoxicated—no matter what. On top of this, if you’re going to file an insurance claim against the other driver or sue them for additional damages, you will need an official police report for evidence.

2. Get their info. If the other driver is alert enough, get their license and insurance information. If they’re not, ask the police for it. You’ll need to know these details in order to get paid for your car repairs, medical bills, and other accident-related expenses.

3. Call your insurance company. Call your insurance representative and tell them about the accident. Be sure to pass on the other driver’s license number and insurance details. Your insurance representative should begin the process of getting your car repairs, medical bills, and other costs paid for.

4. Go to the doctor. Even if you don’t think you were hurt in the wreck, always see a doctor, just in case. Have them do a full physical and make absolutely sure the accident didn’t hurt you in some way. If it did, you’ll be due compensation, so be sure to keep all your bills and receipts.

5. Immediately enlist the help of an auto accident attorney (San Antonio’s Pat Maloney, for example.) The state will likely press charges against the driver, but you have the right to sue, too. A car accident attorney will help you file suit, so you can get the money you deserve for pain, suffering, lost time from work, and more.

Want to get the money and justice you deserve after your wreck? Contact Pat Maloney, the auto accident attorney San Antonio citizens count on.