San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney: The Reckless Driver

If you are the victim of a truck accident, you’re due money for your medical bills, car damages, and any other expenses you have incurred due to the wreck. However, if that truck accident was the result of reckless or dangerous driving, you could be due even more. According to San Antonio truck accident attorney Pat Maloney, if you were the victim of a truck accident caused by a reckless driver, you could have grounds for a legal claim and be due much more than a traditional insurance claim can garner you.

Filing a Claim Against a Reckless Driver

In most car or truck accident cases, you file a claim through your respective insurance companies, and your medical bills and car damages will be covered by the truck driver’s policy. But in the event that they were driving recklessly or negligently, you may have grounds for filing a legal claim against them, too. In addition to the damages and medical bills that an insurance claim can cover, a legal claim could compensate you for:

  • Expected future medical costs, including rehabilitation, therapy, and other forms of treatment
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish
  • Income lost while recovering from your injuries
  • The income you will lose over your lifetime if the injury has rendered you incapable of working
  • Pain and anguish your family has suffered
  • Punitive damages if the judge or jury decides that the driver should be punished financially in order to deter such reckless driving in the future

In the end, a legal claim could end up compensating you much more than an insurance claim typically would.

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