Seeking Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries

After you’ve suffered auto accident injuries in a wreck that wasn’t your fault, you’re due compensation: compensation for your medical bills, any income or wages you’ve lost, the pain and suffering you’ve endured, and much, much more. If you are seeking compensation for an auto accident injury, there are steps you should follow that are vital to the success of your case.

Follow this helpful guide to learn how.



Even if the wreck is just a small fender bender, always call the local police to the scene. This ensures that there is an official police record of the accident, which could include valuable information for your case. Police can also help spot witnesses at the scene and may include their testimony in the report.


Immediately after your accident, you need to contact a San Antonio car accident lawyer. An attorney will help guide you through the legal process, assist you in gathering evidence, and ensure your case is as successful as it can be. They’ll also help work with any insurance companies that are involved and review any potential settlement offers, so you don’t end up accepting less than your case is worth.


If you’ve suffered auto accident injuries, even if they’re minor, you should always seek medical attention as soon as possible. Failing to do so can make it more difficult to seek compensation for medical bills later on down the line. When you visit the doctor, ask for a full physical evaluation; this will help determine if there are any underlying conditions or injuries that may have been caused by the wreck. Then, your attorney can include these injuries – and the costs required to treat them – in your claim.


You can start gathering evidence for your case as soon as the wreck happens. Take photos with a camera or your phone at the scene of the incident; make sure to capture any damage to your vehicle and, of course, your auto accident injuries, if they’re visible. You can also jot down notes regarding the accident – how it happened, the speed you were going, the time of day, the weather, etc. All of these may be helpful in building your case. Plus, the longer you wait to record these details, the less likely you will remember them clearly.

Your attorney will also contact any witnesses from the scene of the accident and line up expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. Both of these can be extremely helpful in proving you were the victim in the wreck.


Following your accident, you’ll likely be contacted by the insurance company of the at-fault driver. They’ll want you to deliver an official statement, usually recorded, regarding the accident and the details you remember of it. Always avoid doing this. You are under no obligation to provide this statement and doing so could hurt your case. Always consult with your attorney if you’ve been contacted about a statement. They can help you formulate a truthful, comprehensive statement that will not impede or affect your claim.


In order to ensure you’re fully compensated for your auto accident injuries, car damage, and any other costs you’ve incurred, be sure to save all bills, receipts, and documents you receive after your wreck. Hand these over to your attorney, so they can make sure you’re offered funds for these items.


Once you and your attorney have successfully gathered evidence, lined up witness testimony, and determined your claim’s worth, you’ll be offered a settlement from the defendant or their insurance company. Your attorney will assess this offer and ensure it’s an adequate amount to cover the expenses you incurred, as well as the attorney’s fees. If it is not, your attorney can help you file a legal claim, in which you may seek additional compensation, including, in some cases, punitive damages.

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