Qualifications of a Good Injury Lawyer

If you were hurt on the job, in a car accident, or anywhere else because of another person’s mistake or negligence, you could be due compensation through a personal injury claim. While you could try to go at it on your own through the complicated legal system, if you truly want the most compensation possible, it’s crucial that you hire an injury lawyer to help. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to see what qualifications you should look for when seeking a great injury lawyer for your personal injury case.

Qualifications of a great injury lawyer include:

  • Licensing and involvement in professional associations – First and foremost, you should make sure your lawyer has a law degree from an accredited university, that they’ve passed the bar exam, and that they’re licensed to practice law in your state. You should also check to see if they’re involved in any professional associations – either locally or nationally. Involvement in professional groups indicates a dedication to their craft and an interest in furthering their skills and knowledge in the legal industry.
  • A great record – This one speaks for itself. If you want a San Antonio injury lawyer who is going to help you win, check to see that they’ve helped others win before, too. Many attorneys keep lists of the cases and awards they’ve won for clients on their websites. If they don’t have one there, they may offer to give you one if you simply request it. You’ll want to check it to see that 1) they have a record of winning, 2) they have a record of winning high amounts for their clients, and 3) their record includes cases similar to yours.
  • Good communication skills – Great communication is key in a successful legal claim. You need to be kept up to date and appraised of your case as it happens, and your lawyer should be the one doing it. A real test of a lawyer’s communication skills comes before you even hire them; will they do a face-to-face meeting with you first? Will they answer questions, give you a case outlook, and let you speak to them in person before requiring you to put down the cash? If so, this shows they’re committed to working not only FOR you, but WITH you on your case.
  • A great reputation – In addition to having a great record with past clients, you also need to make sure your lawyer delivers great service, too. Check online reviews and see what past customers’ experiences have been like. Ask the lawyer for names and numbers of referrals, and give them a call to see what sort of service they received as a client. You can even look into peer review sites, like Martindale-Hubbell, to see what other legal professionals think of a lawyer. These can all give you great insight into an attorney’s professional reputation in the industry.
  • Honesty – Honesty is a hugely important quality in a great San Antonio personal injury lawyer. You don’t just want a “yes” man, someone who is going to tell you to want you want to hear. You need an attorney who’s going to be honest and up-front about your case: where they see it going, how much compensation they expect, and what the likelihood is that you’ll actually win. If they’re not honest, you could just end up wasting your time and hard-earned money.

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