Serious Personal Injury Lawyer: Building a Successful Injury Claim

If you’ve been seriously injured, you have the right to compensation. Unfortunately, personal injury claims can be highly complicated and, often, difficult to win. For the highest likelihood of success, it’s always best to consult a serious personal injury lawyer before proceeding with your case. A lawyer will start from the beginning, pulling all the necessary pieces together to ensure you have the most successful case possible.

They will:

Evaluate your case’s worth.

First, a lawyer will look at your case and evaluate its overall worth. They’ll look at the medical bills you’ve incurred, the pain you’ve had to endure, and the quality of your life since the injury. In the end, they’ll put together an estimate of what they expect your case to garner.

File necessary paperwork.

Personal injury claims require a large amount of paperwork. From filing court documents to issuing preservation letters, a serious personal injury lawyer can help with it all. They’ll make sure everything is completed, filed, and submitted on time in order to make your case successful.

Gather evidence.

One of the best ways an injury lawyer can help your case is through gathering evidence. They can obtain security camera footage, medical records, police reports, and anything else necessary to show the at-fault party is liable and responsible for your injuries.

Line up witness testimony.

A lawyer can also help you set up witness testimony. They may contact witnesses from the scene of the accident, using their testimony to support your case. They also may consider expert witnesses, who can attest to details surrounding your accident, your injuries, and other factors in your case.

Prepare you for statements.

After you’ve been seriously injured, you’ll likely be contacted by the at-fault party’s insurance provider, asking for a recorded statement regarding the incident. Many times, insurance companies will use these statements to prove victims contributed in some way to their own accident or injuries, thus entitling them to a lower settlement. A serious personal injury lawyer will help you prepare a statement that gives a truthful account of your accident, while not jeopardizing your case or the compensation you are due.

Negotiate on your behalf.

Many times, insurance companies will offer victims much less than they are due, in hopes they will settle quickly. A lawyer can help ensure you don’t settle unless the number’s right. They review any settlement offers you receive and make sure they’re an adequate amount to cover your medical bills, pain, suffering, and other expenses you’ve incurred. If they’re not up to par, they’ll negotiate on your behalf, in an effort to get you the compensation you deserve.

Represent you in court.

In the end, if you’re not getting the settlement offer you need to handle your injuries and related bills, your lawyer can help you file a legal claim against the at-fault party. Through this, you may even be able to seek funds for punitive damages, if the defendant’s behavior was particularly reckless or negligent.

Distribute your settlement.

Finally, once all is said and done, your lawyer can assist in distributing and managing your settlement funds. They’ll ensure anyone owed a debt associated with your injury gets paid (such as your doctors, repair shop, etc.), and they’ll also take out any attorney’s fees you initially agreed upon. Then, you’ll get your chunk of the settlement and your case will be closed.

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