Why Hire an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer?

Being involved in a serious accident can cause lifelong injuries and impair a person’s ability to work. When that type of injury occurs as a result of a trucking accident, it is important to hire an 18-wheeler accident lawyer. A lawyer can fight for you and your family to help you get the settlement you deserve. Having legal representation will play a large role in your family’s future if an injury from a trucking accident is keeping you or your spouse from working.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a specific set of guidelines and regulations for truckers that are aimed at preventing accidents on the roadways. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent some commercial trucking companies from cutting corners by improperly training their drivers and poorly maintaining their fleet of trucks. When you or a family member is involved in an accident with a driver for a commercial trucking company, the company may be liable if the truck driver was at fault.

Trucking accidents may be caused by several factors, including faulty truck parts, driver negligence and/or exhaustion. Truck drivers who operate their own business cannot blame the company they work for. The settlement in this type of case would depend on the terms of the insurance the truck driver carried either for himself or for the truck. No matter what your level of knowledge is on the topic of trucking accidents and settlements, it is smart to hire an 18-wheeler accident lawyer to look out for you and your family.

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